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Creation is reaction put on time out!

To create means to focus on the present moment and the good we do. It’s the best of us expressed in words, pictures and action.

Creation can come in small moments leaving equally minor impressions. It can also storm in with vim and vigor leaving no room to be ignored. But no matter what results are intended, creation gives us the chance to focus our time, energy and unique resources towards purpose and cause.

The two most difficult decisions a creator must make are 1) to give ourselves permission to begin and 2) to clear the space in which to begin. Danielle LaPorte, one of my all-time favorite creative inspiration junkies, says “The beauty of stopping is that things loosen — sometimes to the point of becoming unhinged. And unhinged is very, very disconcerting. And essential. Coming unhinged is the passage way to innovation. Keep the faith and let yourself go crazy.”

My creation today is a celebration of the words which help define action – simple letter combinations like believe, enough, and trust. May they continue to find us, guide us and lead us to our life’s grandest creations.