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We all feel the need every once in awhile right? Whether it’s a fresh haircut, new clothes or the smell of a brand new set of wheels, stepping into a new look takes blind courage and a hint of “devil may care.”

Today I spent over 3 hours conversing with a dear friend and favorite mentor on just this topic of scrapping the old, rehearsing our authentic voice and stepping into a brave new look. Super scary stuff! Change creates vulnerability which can quickly turn into fear, self doubt or worse, apathy. I believe, in the words of Brene Brown, “Vulnerability is what makes us beautiful.” Vulnerability brings forth our “authentic” self and when we experience heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping, why-is-this-happening-to-me change, we discover what we are truly made of. When we embrace the change, we can redefine, simplify, beautify ourselves through our words, image and actions.

So in honor of my dear friend who needed a soul mirror to reflect back the beauty she so graciously possesses as she braces for a change in her business, branding and personal life, I too embraced a transition in the look of this blog.

Over the past few months in particular, I’ve wanted to transform Creative Muse into a more classic look contrasting high quality magazine editorial design and typography with the more casual but always beautiful photography inspired by daily creations. Today I discovered just that perfect structure to build on.

So, welcome to the updated look for Creative Muse as it carries on its final 100+ days.