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One of my regular writing prompts is to quickly scribble 12 statements around a challenge, goal or topic of present interest. These sentences always begin with the same few words and inevitably the first few thoughts come swiftly since they’re right at the edge of my thoughts. When I dig deeper, however, around the 9th or 10th sentence I reach what my heart is crying to express. This month, I explore the topic of leadership.

1) A leader arrives first.

2) A leader commits to a cause with clear and consistent motives.

3) A leader listens to others, as well as their own instincts. But they act on their beliefs.

4) A leader leads only those willing to be led.

5) A leader knows the cause is equally as important as the result.

6) A leader smiles gently and accepts that many will not follow.

7) A leader recognizes all those who contribute to the cause.

8) A leader grows fearlessly.

9) A leader knows when it’s time to let go.

10) A leader creates an environment built on trust.

11) A leader knows when it’s time to rest.

12) A leader is at peace with his choices.