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A powerful day where reflection met transformation and abundance met fulfillment.

Just over a year ago I sat in the same room, for a similar workshop aimed at discovering our “authentic self.” Our goal? – to practice gratitude, explore critic-free creativity, and discover the intuitive gifts locked inside my heart. It was intended to open my mind, expand my thought process and squelch the inner critic. But by the end of three days, I left mute, blurry eyed and completely lost in direction. It was one of the most numbing and heart-wrenching experiences of my life.

Today, a year later, my visit to the same location, same room, same coach, different workshop but with similar goals left me feeling fearless, loving and full of gratitude. Most of all, I became empowered to continue along this new path manifesting right in front of me. Go forth, Peleg said at the end of the 8 hour day as I discovered the path of transformation leading me directly to my calling. No longer will I be satisfied with a “job” or more politically called by college seniors a “career.” Today I take my first step into my calling and I begin by expressing my most sincere gratitude.

Thank you Peleg for opening your teaching to a community of ravenous creators.

Thank you retreat center for bringing peace full circle today.

Thank you Menagerie Crew for brilliantly following through in my absence.

Thank you clients for understanding my absence today will ultimately become your unrealized benefit.

Thank you pen for not running out of ink during “juicy quote” time.

Thank you journal for having just a few blank pages left.

Thank you insight for showing up when I needed it.

Thank you fellow students who gave of themselves so willingly.

Thank you time and space for opening your doors so I may listen and explore.

Thank you healthy lunch for nourishing our bodies.

Thank you sacred space for opening your welcoming arms.

Thank you “calling” for showing me a glimpse of your wings on the horizon.