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I believe journalling is one of the highest forms of creativity. From giggly school diaries to mom’s beautiful scrapbooks, we use these pages to relive our adventures and spill out dreams.

I’ve kept some sort of journal for most of my life. In grade school, it was a diary. Well, several diaries to be exact, most filled with gooey stories of boys, more boys, homeroom gossip, a young girl’s fantasies, and yes, more boys. I have 5 of these little snapshots of my life and it’s quite an interesting experience to go back in time and instantly listen to my younger self.

By college, the diary became the sketchbook. No longer obsessed with capturing my feelings and longings into words, I began to use my paper bound companion to house my project sketches, life drawings and occasional senseless doodling.

As I grew into my career and my business began to really soar, the diary manifested itself into the journal – journals, to be exact. Within these collection of pages, I would include workshop notes, online seminar bullet points, top ten lists and meaningful quotes I didn’t want to forget.

Today, this blog, has become my safe haven for words and pictures.
I can expose my innermost thoughts at anytime, from nearly anywhere and it’s instantly share my art, writing and other creative adventures. (apologies to those who subscribe to my posts and read this via feed. The sleep gremlin attacked me while writing)

So as I reflect back on today’s transformation and lessons learned, I graciously give thanks to my latest journal who has served me well over the past year. Thank you  for your kindness, gentle spirit, loving words of encouragement and healing heart.