“You see honey, once a month for the next 40 years or so a little egg will travel through your body hoping to someday fall in love and grow into a beautiful baby, just like you. The size of that little egg? Just about the size of a period at the end of a sentence.”

Every mom with a daughter has the conversation. When I hit the double digit age my mom handed me a few little handbooks and told me if I had any questions she would answer them. I remember studying the pictures, trying to figure out how to pronounce words like menstruation, puberty and fallopian tube. Good thing I’ve always been an avid learner.

Today the tables were turned, it was my turn to pass along the knowledge to my own sweet mini-me and I wanted to create a moment my daughter would cherish as one of those special moments in her childhood…it was time for Pubertea in Paris. A reservation at one of our local adored Parisian tea cafes, a little special mommy/daughter jewelry shopping, and silly girly stories rounded out my daughter’s introduction to the journey ahead. We snapped a few pictures together. Picked up matching bracelets, made a commitment to starting our Paris wish box and covered the basics of how her body and emotions will soon begin to change.

I have a really good relationship with both my kids. I tell them the truth, not always all the details, but never a lie. I share with them the reasons for my decisions. But most of all, I help them learn to look at why people behave in ways different not just eh “what’s” of their actions. I believe because of our close and honest relationship today’s conversation simply couldn’t have gone better!

So today, I celebrate the launching pad to creating my daughter’s incredible journey into womanhood. It was a magical and a once in a lifetime event and I am so honored to have shared it with my beautiful girl.