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In my life I’ve been ruled by one belief…that as human beings, when we embrace curiosity and practice resourcefulness we can do anything. Really now, I mean ANYTHING – like climbing Mount Everest at 73, landing a Rover on Mars, or in my case, designing over 500 concepts for the Star Wars home entertainment packaging. So when anyone says to me “there’s nothing we can do ma’am,” it’s throw down the gauntlet time. They better run. They better hide. Because they just challenged the WRONG GIRL!

So where is this all going one may ask? Well, I also believe that every financial challenge, relationship drama, celebration event, business decision, sales opportunity, health concern, heated argument can be solved simply by taking action. By being the first in line, the one with the head on the chopping block, committing from heart not reacting to fear, every single one of us would create a meaningful difference in another’s day.

So when I hear corporate speak like that of Progressive Auto Insurance claim they  met their ”contractual obligation,” or politicians with no comprehension of the complexity of climate change say “there’s nothing we can do about it anyway,” or even worse when local police call on a suspected suicidal mentally ill elderly man only to respond “there’s nothing we can do, Ma’am” I get sick to my stomach. We CAN do more, science shows our brains have increased over 50% in the last million years. We’ve learned to adapt, take on greater risks and even more rewarding challenges.  Inspirational entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezoz invest their hearts as much deeper than their pocketbooks and their actions reciprocate their beliefs.

I’ve got another 40ish years to bring my best A-game to every choice I make and action I take. My choices in friendships, colleagues and business relationships are made only when there is a strong foundation in mutuality, reciprocity and the shared belief that there is ALWAYS something more we can do to help our fellow man. I refuse to live in regret of what I “could have done” for another or even worse become neglective of my own needs.