1987. As I look back 25 years I can still remember what it was like to open that brand new box with 17 pounds of metal, plastic, and an 8″ black and white CRT all nicely wrapped in cardboard and grey Garamond lettering reading Macintosh SE. Oh, my heart raced like I was about to drive a brand new car off the showroom floor. Mind you now, $2400 was the price of a decent used car in 1989 and I had just laid down my savings over the past year for the privilege to own one of these sexy little number.

Flash forward 25 years. I’ve likely purchased 30 different Mac OS machines including three laptops, desktops, ipads and a file server. My illustrations went from using Adobe 88 and it’s single-minded focus of the bezier tool to CS6 with its magical ability to reposition an unmasked object with it’s content awareness tool in Photoshop. But what’s even more remarkable is that each time I find myself in need of an significant upgrade I mysteriously end up at the Apple Store and another $2400 racked up on the credit card debt. In 25 years the price hasn’t changed a bit, but the product is generations ahead.

So today’s creation is the borrowing of another chunk of dough from the house so my work can continue. Although there are many more days ahead where I will make software transfers, set up email preferences, update security preferences before I can really get down to business, it’s worth every cent in the coin purse and every spinning second of time. Thank you Apple!