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Friendship – a bond of souls that no length of time, complexity of space or series of events can separate. Most of us experience our first alliance of the heart in grade school. We share our stories and creations to strengthen our own identity by those mirrored around us. Those who reflect our same beliefs and dreams are drawn in  closer and us to them.

As we move into high school, college and our first employment opportunities, some of our early friendships remain tightly sewn to our hearts while many others move to the fringe. Enter Facebook, LinkedIn and other social communities and we have the ability instantly reunite threads of past friendship, healing lost memories and fusing back together parts of ourselves perhaps otherwise forgotten.

Today’s creation is a tribute to friendship. Friendships of the past which bring with them comfort and nostalgic sweet memories of hope, irreverence and fearlessness. Friendships of present bring with them a nurturing understanding and unconditional support. And to those friendships of which I have yet to create…I patiently await with open arms and a clear window of mutuality.