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An incredible opportunity has been laid before me…one where my personal words will be added to the published work of a very well known author. It’s been a long journey to get here and as I began deliberating what my contribution would be, I considered many of the posts created here on CreativeMuse365. I’ve selected four different messages, one of which will be the final choice. But before I make that decision I would like to ask you, dear reader which of the following most resonates with you.

Here we go…

Welcome Change and Challenge – cousins to Risk and companions on life’s grand adventure.
These twins of manifestation teach us patience in transaction, presence in transition and attention in transformation. On many journeys our friend Change brings with him a new Challenge, other times Challenge leads Change by the hand. And when we walk alongside, embracing curiosity and practicing resourcefulness along the way, we discover the will of the human spirit. We release fear filled reaction and create commitments from heart where passion fills darkness with light and silence with song. We stitch together joy to purpose and matter to meaning. We become the first deaf/blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, place our footprints on the moon or climb Mount Everest at 73.

Ever since we were toddlers we’ve ached to stand. We saw the world around us mobile, active, driven. We braced ourselves with the help of mom, dad or the nearby coffee table, building our courage, testing our boundaries. Then on one glorious day, we let go. Those first few steps were scary, awkward, frustrating…but persistence and resolve were even stronger muscles. We overcame the challenge of balance and momentum for the sake of independence. As we grew older, unless confronted with a health crisis, standing becomes an unconscious act and we often forget the conviction of our hearts that put us on our feet in the first place.

That is, until we are called upon to take a stand of a different feat.

We focus on the unseen, articulate the unspoken, explore the unexamined and create the unshaped.
We stand in front of our words instead of behind them and never looking back.
Who’s with me now?

If your passion had a currency what would be its value?
If your love was engraved on a dollar bill, what would be the tender?
If your commitment was rated in coinage, how high would your stack rise?
If you gave it all away would it be worth even more?

This adventure changes
with each step,
each leap of faith.

It guides us,
transforms us.

Believing we’re alone
discovering we are not.

We shed our baggage,
releasing weight of old
fusing bonds of courage
as we become the miles
along the way.