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Over the next 30 days, three of my dearest friends and I are on the path to Create the Impossible. What exactly is this thing we define as “impossible?” Some call it the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) others call it a dream, but at its core it’s called Commitment. Imagine your heart overflowing with peace, abundant with love and enlightened by truth…this is the place we meet ourselves – and it’s a destination far from impossible.

For my impossible creation, and practical purposes, I committed to completing a large chapter of my book on entertainment design and marketing. I have already outlined most of the content so for these 30 days I’ve chosen to focus on one specific section that drives much of the overall message. It involves scrutinizing and defining the visual language of emotion, particularly in movie poster and other forms of narrative key art. I’ve flirted with the topic for a couple years and began dating it, placing pen to paper last year but now in the words of Beyonce I’ve “put a ring on it”. Starting was easy and as I really got into the meat of the work, I realized it wasn’t going to be as impossible as I imagined.

So with 28 more days left I looked deeper into my heart of what I’ve always wanted but thought impossible. It may seem silly to some, quite absurd to others, but it’s something I’ve attempted a couple times in my life, and have yet to succeed.

Over the past 30 years my dedication to music, particularly my love for drums has been inspired by one man – Phil Collins. In high school he was a huge impetus for my musical growth. I played drums to every one of the Genesis and his solo hits. As his career shifted to scoring for film, I would sing the lullaby “You’ll Be In My Heart” to my baby whenever he needed to be soothed…and it ALWAYS worked! And just a few short months ago, my son and I danced to that same Academy Award™ Winning Song for a ballroom dance performance. Phil and his music have touched my life in ways no one can imagine and now I feel more compelled than ever to personally extend my thanks. So in addition to focusing on my own book, I want to pass along heartfelt gratitude for everything Phil Collins has unknowingly added to my life.

Today’s creation is my commitment to somehow, somewhere, in some way meet Phil  by the end of this September. So if anyone out there listening can slide me one degree closer to my Impossible Dream, I will be forever grateful.

PS, today’s featured photo was taken in 1986 during the Genesis Invisible Touch tour. I caught their show for all three nights at the LA Forum. This photo is from night one, but I’ll never forget night two when the local radio station gave my friend and I complimentary 3rd row center floor seats…so close, but yet so far!