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There’s one moment when someone’s life changes forever…and it happens in a single decision.

When facing a challenge, confronted with change, or drowning in oceans of fear and indifference, I’ve discovered one way to push through is by taking massive action in one of three forms.

1) Visualize the results. Tony Robbin suggests conditioning the mind everyday to create momentum towards our goals and visualize our results. When we empower our potential, by taking even small action and visualizing the results it will feed our beliefs. This video really captures how powerful seeing the result in advance can be. Go ahead watch it and try his exercise at the end…you’ll never forget it.

2) Take a single step of conviction forward. The greatest heroes in literature and film always find themselves on a journey that begins with just one single step forward. Imagine if Frodo had not taken massive action to leave the Shire. How about Luke, and Anakin? They both left behind all they knew for a mysterious calling to the Force. And everyday we’re surrounded by millions of more heroes. They sit beside us in coffee shops writing novels while their children sleep in strollers alongside. They stand behind us in the grocery stores with stacks of coupons in hand budgeting every meal to the last penny so their children can continue to study music. They help our children discover the joys of learning and free voice. And everyone of these heroes got there by consistently taking action in spite of the massive odds seemingly stacked against them.

3) Ask for help from others. In the book “The Aladdin Factor” authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen make 8 suggestions on how to ask for help.

• Ask as if you expect to get it.

• Ask someone who could give it to you.

• Be clear and specific in your requests.

• Ask with humor and creativity.

• Ask from the heart.

• Be prepared to give something in order to get something.

• Ask repeatedly.

• Be gracious in accepting a “no.”

One of the wonderful benefits of keeping this blog for the past 277 days has been that I’ve stepped forward in ways I never imagined. I’ve laid out some pretty painful experiences, shared the quiet moments of joy and remained committed to focusing on creation and passion rather than reaction and fear. Today, I create one step closer to the magical results I see inside my head, heart and soul. Thanks for joining me.