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Only visible when darkness surrounds, light brings warmth to the cold, energy to the weakened, presence to the absent, hope to the lost, sanity to the madness.

I am so very grateful for every flicker, radiant beam and glorious dawn that has entered my life. Shimmering lights of love and life that begin with my most brilliant creations–my children, my dearest super friends and extended family and the glowing light underneath my own ribcage that calls itself “self.”

Today’s experiences brought so much to light to my heart and soul beginning with a blindingly enlightening lunch with the three sexiest, smartest, most creative women I know. Three hours later, our stories had filled the room with a laughter and buoyancy that would keep us all afloat until our next power talk. During the ride back to the office, lightning hit , not literally mind you, but bright and direct enough to singe an impression I can’t ignore. I’m not quite ready to disclose any more details for sake of protecting the vision until most of the details are cinched up. But I can promise one thing…when the technology and prototype completed it’s going to be a game changer.

But for every vivid, blinding light of insight comes a moment when another life force flickers out. Our family lost one of our own today. His/her name is Phineus and he was a three year old goldfish. No, we never trained him to follow our lead, engage in meaningful conversation or help with the chores. Never the less he was just as important to our family as our beloved dog. Today we saw his light fade as his little body lost the energy to swim and his gills began to slow their pace.

We miss you Phineus but we know you have tremendously loving family in this new haven you call home.