As much as I like to dream that weekends are designed to catch up on unfinished tasks, it never works out so easily for me. Now that school is back in session, between work, my own teaching schedule and extra curricular activities, I’m lucky if I get to see my children for more than a few hours a day. So when the weekend hits, I make no apologies for choosing to spend time with them. The laundry, writing, research, grading, personal projects all have to wait until they are long off to bed.

Many times I become deeply frustrated over putting far too much on my plate. I strive to multitask, but there really is no such thing, we simply switch from one task to then next in rapid, usually unfocused fashion. I attempt to say “no” more often – something that challenges me every day. I take really focused steps to maintain some type of order in the chaos, but it usually goes astray within a week or two. But one thing I have been able to accomplish in the past six months in particular, is to slow down and enjoy the single moment. This is why my weekends are for my kids and nothing else comes between that.

When my beautiful son and daughter were just babies I would look at them every morning in wonder, awe of how quickly they had grown seemingly overnight. I knew then as I know now that each and every one of these moments in the “now” will never be repeated so I must learn to see and appreciate it as it happens. My son will never again swing above my head pretending to fly. I will never see my daughter fall asleep slumped over a chair like she did at 2 years ago. And I will never again asked to help my son with his first campaign for student council. These are the memories we create. These are the times we cherish. These are the days when mommy’s weekends are made for adventures with the kids.

So today’s creation celebrates life on the campaign trail. My son is running for school Historian and I couldn’t be more proud of his dedication. We spent several hours mapping out the campaign, brainstorming slogans, and designing the swag. My fingers are crossed that elections sway in his direction…either way I’ll be equally proud whether he wins or not.