I’ve come to the conclusion I will never again have a day filled with 8 hours+ of sleep. When weekdays are made for work, evenings made for chores, and weekends made for family, the only time I am able to squeeze in empowered creative time is between the hours of 10PM and 6am. It should be called the “creative shift.”

Today’s creations included wrapping up printing for the big school council campaign, loads of laundry, errands, and last but not least coating the grey hairs again to properly disguise their true nature.

I always enjoy chatting with my stylist. He’s quite a passionate, spiritual and intelligent soul. As a devout Christian, the circle of conversation never fails to end up speaking about faith, integrity and belief – and we’ve had some pretty healthy debates. Tonight, I offered him encouragement to begin a new venture, so I put on my marketer hat and offered him some practical advise. At the end of the evening, once my roots were sufficiently camouflaged he said that many friends have entered his life, some staying buoyant for decades like water while other people enter our lives for just a few moments in time. Those are the relationships we savor like a fine glass of wine. In my case, he said, I was like a can of concentrated Orange Juice – packed in a solid chunk of healthy goodness. I love orange juice and all the vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars it brings so I took it as a compliment :-)