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“When the absence of what you want is present then the presence of what you want is absent.” – Abraham Hicks

As long as I can remember, anything I’ve set my mind to, and by that I mean my positive thoughts, I’ve found a way to achieve it. I’ve traveled to Europe. I’ve performed on stages across the country. I’ve designed many of the largest selling movie packages in the world. I’m raising two of the most creative, caring and beautiful children. I’ve built relationships with many of the world’s most inspiring artists, authors and filmmakers. And I’m just getting started.

You see, I know that anything that is brought into focus with enough gratitude, positivity and light will undoubtedly manifest itself. The only Work we must do is to ask for it, Imagine it is within reach, feel the Sensation of grasping it, then watch what Happens. Wishes come true everyday. Today I’ve created another step closer to mine.