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There is an immediate circle of friends who know what I’ve been cooking on the sidelines. Beyond this circle is another slightly larger group of, oh let’s say 22 students who have dined on the appetizer of this full course meal. And for those in my wider circle of friends and loved ones who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll share just a bit of what’s on the menu.

You see for the past year-ish I’ve researched art history, studied the theories of dozens of psychologists, and rehearsed my voice in preparation for moments like this. Over the next two weeks I will wrap up a major component of a long overdue compendium on entertainment design. This isn’t just another collection of beautiful art and historical paintings from the past 100 years of film. This is an in-depth study of the artistry and marketing of the movie poster shared by those who create the magic.
The book includes interviews with many of entertainment’s most celebrated artists, a chronological look at the production processes, a study into the foundations of visual storytelling, a thorough analysis of the variety of marketing strategies and my favorite section of all…the visual language of emotion.

As this book unfolds I am so very blessed to be supported by such a talented and influential group of artists and visionaries. Thank you to all my passionate students, dedicated employees, esteemed colleagues and loving family for believing in this BIG crazy idea.

Today’s creative celebration marks the halfway point on the most significant section of the book – the visual language of emotion. We’re in the homestretch now friends so stay tuned for future updates and learn how you too can read it in its entirety :-)