Remembrances, celebrations, visions of a life…masses of friends and colleagues  captured for an hour to honor a man whose achievements aren’t measured in minutes, dollars or impressions but in lifetimes.

Memorial services bring forth stories of youth, antics of middle age and the wisdom of maturity…and if we’re lucky enough to have lived a full life, we experience and share all of them.  I was blessed to have been mentored by Jerry Samuelson, the most beloved Dean of the Arts of any college campus across the US and one of my mentors was remembered today. His life, honored through heartfelt stories, poignant song and the flood of tears from hundreds of his closest friends, family and colleagues, set many women (and men) reaching for a box of tissues.

Thank you Jerry for enriching all of our lives with your gentle spirit, your quest for excellence and your pursuit of the arts. You will be here beside each of us as we continue your legacy.