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I’ve never been afraid of a challenge, an obstacle, even a brick wall has at times been placed dead in my path. Eventually I find a way around. Circumnavigating has ranked high as a skill set on my curriculum vitae. If I see something I want, and know it’s with my power or ability to reach for it, I’ll make it happen and it’s scary just how often it does. The truth is, everyone of us has this talent within us, we are after all creative creatures.

Tonight, a former student asked if I would be available and interested in being interviewed for her leadership class. I do have a policy that once a student graduates and they seek career advice, interviews or a portfolio review that they make a small donation to one of my favorite charities. I think it’s only fair to place a value on the information, insight or advise we seek. I don’t want anything personally, but I do believe someone should benefit from my experience.

The interview flew by and before I knew it we had chatted for over 2 hours – only 20 questions, but they were deep! Good thing she recorded it because I think some pretty good sound bites are sprinkled in there. One of the most profound questions she asked me was what I believed keeps people in a position of leadership. What was the secret? “Embracing our natural born gift of creativity,” I said. When we look at ourselves, our real bodies not some 2D abstraction in the mirror, and begin to see, REALLY SEE how completely phenomenal each and everyone of us is as a creature, a creation, we respect each other more and want each of us to embrace those creative gifts. Those who lead see this and they create from there. They create teams, movements, causes, empathy, a vision of a better world and it often begins with modest means – carpooling to the office, a neighborhood watch program, an interview for a school assignment.

Today, one of tomorrow’s leaders discovered just how meaningful her creative mind is. She’s more than a designer, or future art direction. She’s a creative force whose career will change many times over her lifetime…and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.