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More than one coach has said to me the words “jump and the net will appear.” It’s one of those common motivational catch-all’s to promote fearlessness, faith and leadership. It can also be completely empowering, imaginative and magical. I mean just the phrase “the net will appear” infers a conjuring of magic. Sometimes magic is exactly what the day calls for and we create it – every day! We create it through our conversations, in our relationships and through our actions. What often holds us back is the big jump!

That first step of vulnerability, of putting yourself “out there” on a stage, in a room or on camera can be terrifying. What will “they” think? Will they understand my message? Will I present myself well? Will I land safely? Well, the truth is the power of “will” is in our own hands…and as the creative forces that we are we can will anything into being…even nets.

Today I celebrate the magic inside each and every one of us that creates pixie dust moments, lightening powered dreams and sunshine in our stomachs.