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Each and every morning I spend the first 5 minutes, yes, that’s all it takes, expressing 12 lines of gratitude in my journal.

Some mornings it’s as simple as Thank You Starbucks for starting my morning off sweet. Other times it’s Thank You File Server for running smoothly for another day. And without a doubt by the time I’ve finished letting out, I feel immensely lighter, soaring ever higher and building ever stronger. When we let out our thanks, we make  room for even more gratitude to fill in the gaps.

So as you begin your day, I encourage you to just create one small change to start things in the right direction. Call 4 people and just tell them “thanks for being you”…tell that you appreciate everything they have done for you…even that skunk that was locked in the car. Write 4 quick thank you cards to friends you haven’t heard from in over a year. And finally begin a small journal dedicated to the things, places and experiences you are grateful for that don’t have a personal phone or mailing address to accept letters.

Go create gratitude and see how magical it can be!