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I have a confession to make…I am a complete addict to distraction. Shiny objects, tantalizing scents, interesting conversations can easily pull my focus away from practical tasks. Hence I’ve become a glutton for busy. It’s bred in my nature and I’ve come to accept it. Hopefully those around me have too.

So today, in spite of lending my attention towards innumerable distractions that bless my day, I made real progress on a project I’ve invested many years of personal research and ambition towards.

I’ve always wanted to design a personal assessment tool for artists. One that helps them stay focused on their individual strengths while exploring and expanding their imagination arsenal. I took one step closer today by collecting responses to a recent survey sent to filmmakers and applying my system to their answers. The results have been crafted into a profile and tomorrow they will be sent to each participant.

A colleague asked me why I put so much energy into a pro-bono project, something that won’t see any immediate financial rewards. To me, the answer was simple. “It’s just something I have to do!” I feel it in my bones. It’s just another step on my life’s journey. A lesson, an moment in time I’m supposed to experience. It will bring me closer to that illusive “end dream” and remind me to embrace my passion. For now, today, it brought to my day purpose, meaning and creativity. And that’s good enough for me.