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Most days I make a plan. You know those things…short “to-dos” listed on a slip of paper with little boxes to check off, sticky notes posted on monitors, calendar appointments, and let’s not forget the daily rituals…“draw, floss and exercise” my life drawing teacher used to advise.

So yeah, those little lists…they rarely get me through the day. Undoubtedly something or someone interrupts that neat little checklist demanding more attention. How we handle it is key to staying focused and on track. Yes, of course, family emergencies always come first. And if you’re a business owner “client” emergencies tend to come in second place. The only other thing that gets in the way of taking care of our list is forgetting how to say NO more often.If the phone incessantly rings, stop answering it. If a sales agent keeps knocking on your door, post an “out of the office” sign. And if you have a tendency to be attracted to sparkly things like me, remove the distraction. This has been by far, one of my most difficult lessons to learn. I tend to surround myself with more, stay busy cramming in as much as possible, and generally over commit myself. But…I’m learning.

I’m learning that a clean desk prepares an organized mind. I’m learning that just because I’m invited doesn’t mean I need to go. I’m learning that for every time I say NO, something even better opens up. I’m learning that the filters I place in front of me are for my own good. I’m learning that the more clarity I put into something, the better and faster the results come through.

Today, amongst the various distractions and actions of the day I created clarity – the one area I really need to spend time and attention on. And when I am unclear, not specific, I can communicate the wrong message or even worse, create the wrong impression. So Clarity and I have decided to become good friends. She helps me see things, say things and discover the hidden truths inside. Yes, Clarity and I are going to be very, very good friends.