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Doubt…he’s a dubious little devil isn’t he? He hides in the corners of our mind, waiting to spring his little horns and put himself in front of the very magic that may lie ahead of us. Although he’s an inside voice, he can be awfully loud at the most inappropriate times.

“That can’t be real.”

“That’s too good to be true.”

“There’s no way it can be that easy.”

“Your too close to it to see its true colors.”

“You’re not good enough for that.”

“That’s never going to happen.”

“Wake up and smell the coffee.”

“Don’t be so foolish.”

Ever heard that little devil Doubt shout one of these phrases? Yeah, c’mon we all have. And the worst part about it, if he’s not coming through one of your “friends” he’s screaming it from the inside. And he can be pretty hard to shut up!

Today, unfortunately, that little devil inside ME created doubt. “You’ll never finish that Cheryl.” “You can’t trust what they say, you barely know them.” “Just let it go, you can’t hold onto it.”

Well “Doubt” I am telling you tuck in those little horns because this mama’s on a mission!