You know if you spend years mastering something…anything…drawing, writing, woodworking, speaking in front of people…and you tuck it away in the closet, under a pile of books, or simply lost in time…it’s really just patiently waiting for you. It’s like riding a bike…you never really forgot it, you just have to recall your muscle memory. You have to remind your hand how to move, your brain how to think and your mouth how to speak.

My creation today was to recall some muscle memory on the keyboard…the piano keyboard. Over a year ago I practiced nearly every day. I had memorized a few of my favorite songs from Evanescence, Elton John’s Your Song and several others. Then, I busted one of the keys! After having trouble finding a trusted repair shop I put my Yamaha electric aside, figuring I would eventually get it fixed.

Today, over a year later I decided to pluck away again. I couldn’t remember a single note. Determined to play something, I broke out the sheet music, focused for an hour and low and behold…some of it came back to me. It’s like riding a bike…we just have to put ourselves on in again, focus and put the wheels in motion.

So in light of today’s creation I offer to anyone reading this today to think about the one thing you spent so much time and energy mastering, yet left it behind for the sake of more practical needs. Spend one hour inviting it back in your life. I promise it will bring a flood of fulfilling memories and personal satisfaction to know it’s all still in you.