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Many believe that when we hold onto something, whether it be our favorite, but dilapidated chair, our children’s hands or the death grip on a roller coaster, that we are exuding our strength, our power to control. In fact, I’ve learned over the past couple years that true strength – the one that comes from deep in our bones, under our chest and through our veins – is quite the opposite. When we surrender our belongings, release our grip, and renew our sense of adventure there is a great ease that radiates from us. We become more centered, more confident, more controlled in our thoughts and behaviors. By letting go of the weight that grounds us, untethering the leash that binds us and absolving the guilt which blocks us, we become free, wiser and stronger in mind, body, soul and heart.

Today, with this blog post, I have created an introduction to a topic that will be expanded and shared in great detail next week to a small group of the most talented, inspirational and loving creative minds I know. I can’t wait to embrace them with the gift of letting go.