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Eight years ago I used to make a one way, 42 mile commute to work…everyday! For twelve and a half years, 5 days a week, at least 3 hours a day I crawled on the 5 freeway North to the 101 and through Hollywood in an effort to at least try to get to work on time. It made such an impact on my conscious, I still dream about the commute…but now in my dreams I’m riding a bike! Ironically, I get there faster on the bike. Looking back on it today I calculated that I easily lost 1875 hours or almost two full weeks of my life rolling rubber over pavement. I covered over 300,000 miles between no less than 4 different cars and spent likely over $30,000 in gas and I’ll never get any of that back.

But alas, we can’t dwell on the things that cannot be changed, or returned…like time. All we can do is work on staying appreciative to what we have in this given moment. And I am so blessed to be filled with more than an abundance of creative juices to fire up all of Hollywood!