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Imagine if you will…seven brilliant creative minds gathered for three days to release, share, brainstorm, nurture, renew, reveal and create…what’s next!

This is my life for today…and the next two days…surrounded by the beauty of the California Desert, washed by the buttery rich mineral springs waters of Big Bear, nourished by organic vegan deliciousness, pampered by a soothing masseuse, and inspired by boundless creative energy. Thanks to Peleg Top and the authentic, loving, open, vulnerable, passionate, strategic, gifted minds of 6 of my dearest creative friends I am experiencing one of the most awe-inspiring retreats ever!

We began the day with a group hike up the hillside to catch the morning sunrise…what a simply spectacular moment to watch the sun blanket itself across the desert.

A delicious breakfast awaited us upon our return as we nourished our bodies to prepare for the day’s sessions of vulnerability, teachings, relaxation and hard core work on what’s next for each of us. We were each asked to create a one hour presentation around a single word – attribute – that has defined where we have been over the past year. The word I chose was relEASE. And for one hour I shared the pains, struggles, torment and ultimate closure around letting go of the weight that has grounded my spirit and my passion over the past few years.

I began my presentation by asking everyone to grasp a uninflated balloon in their hand and to hold it as tight as possible and for the next 10 minutes or so I shared my personal story. I spoke of relationship challenges, repositioning a business, letting go of the “stuff” I’ve been toting around for over 25 years. After those first few minutes I asked everyone if their hands were getting sore yet, if their muscles were becoming fatigued or if atrophy was beginning to set. I then asked everyone to open their hands to feel the ease of release…to let go of their grip and allow the balloon to take new shape. I continued to share the three lessons I’ve experienced in the process of letting go.

#1 Focus on ourselves…our spirit, our confidence, our resilience, our passion.

#2 Focus on creation…everyday…with specific respect to this blog and thanks to all its followers and participants.

#3 Focus on the present…from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, meditation and journaling.

At the end of our presentation I asked each to write down at least three items on slips of paper that they are ready to release…to let go. We slipped the tiny scraps of paper into the balloons and later inflated them with helium. Tomorrow we will set them to the skies and letting go once and for all those fears and insecurities that are weighting us down.

Tomorrow, I will share the continuing stories of this mastermind retreat and what brilliant creations will arise from it.