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Okay…BIG lesson for the day…when life brings you magic, transformation, really HUGE change and choice dropped right in front of you, stop trying to analyze and control it. You’ll spoil all the adventure.

When we set off on a journey the REAL adventure is in not knowing where it will take us. When we try to plan the rest stops and landmarks along the way we quickly ruin the purpose of going – to discover – to DISCOVER what’s deep inside ourselves. We  miss the unexpected, the unimaginable and undefinable.

So today, after day three of this journey called Mastermind Retreat at Miracle Manor…I have discovered two things about myself.

#1 It’s time to write more…and even deeper than I’ve shared here.

#2 It’s time to clear space – to commit the time, energy, and attention to letting go, to organize and declutter my space, and to open to the nourishing energy around me!

Today I have created a confirmation of what’s next for me.