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I was thinking today while visiting a local theme park with my kids, trolling the streets for candy, crooning a few Halloween tunes and riding a few white knuckler coasters that all this practicality, planning for the future, and scheduled appointments on our calendars is just not the way to measure a life at all.

Perhaps a life is defined by the unexplainable moments – the random acquaintances, missed plane flights that become our saving grace, and unexpected phone calls that bring a bright new opportunity. The secret to embracing these unexplainable moments is to become present, open-minded and self aware.

Today’s creation relates to this and was a lesson for my kids to step outside their comfort zone. One of their favorite actresses from a Disney Channel television show ended up sitting next to us during a stage show and they immediately recognized the lovely young lady but were scared to death to say a word to her. After the performance we were walking just ahead of her as we exited so I took it upon myself to ask her if she indeed had performed on the network. When she said “yes,” I introduced her to my kids and she shook both their hands and engaged in a short friendly conversation. It was magical to see their mood change from absolute fear, to complete awestruck. As my kids and I walked to the next attraction I asked them how they felt. “Amazing” they both said grinning from ear to ear. My starstruck son even said he would never wash his hand. Two seconds of fear yielded an afternoon of “amazing.” So I encouraged them to capture this moment, this feeling. And the next time insecurity or doubt drops into their minds to remember that complete “amazement” is waiting just on the other side of fear.