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Halloween has to be one of my most favorite holidays of the year. We don masks, wrap ourselves in creative costumes and step out of the darkness to face our deepest nightmares. As an avid adventurer, I thrive on being at the edge of my comfort zone and encourage my crew, friends and kids to do the same – to challenge expectation, to face the unknown and to embrace our own ferocious magic. Because I believe life is defined by the moments where fear and creativity collide.
Today’s creation was in the form of my company newsletter which shared the same message as above…and a few articles related to entertainment marketing. This past April I committed to writing and publishing one newsletter a month and without fail I tend to wait until the very last minute to wrap it up. The good news? Today’s newsletter had the richest content AND I pulled it all together in record time.
If you happen to be interested and would like to read the full newsletter…here’s a link for your convenience…and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!