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“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”Marsha Norman

I came across this wonderful quote today and it really hit home with me. As an artist, writer and dreamer this simple line synthesizes everything I believe in.

Scientists have tried to understand the logic of dreams. Psychologists analyze their meanings and artists tap into them for inspiration. But no has effectively been able to  explain where they come from, how they are created or what we can do to direct them. That’s exactly why dreams are so magical and I believe they are a gift from our ultimate creator, God.

I pay a lot of attention to my dreams. They teach me lessons in courage. They show me insight into areas where I am blinded. They take me on wild adventures – particularly to Paris and London for some reason. And they give me permission to soar. There are times however when my dreams truly frighten me. They call upon my weaknesses, testing my speed and strength. So many times I have found myself running away from some dark force only to find my feet can’t move fast enough. I think that’s pretty common for most of us.

A couple weeks ago, for several nights in a row I dreamed of navigating waters on a boat and trudging through flooded crowded streets. Then Hurricane Sandy hit New York City like a raging monster. Coincidentally I’ll be headed to this incredible city in the next week to build on some relationships I’ve been fostering through the business. But what I realized most recently is that this trip is itself a manifestation of dreams. The timing of this trip is impeccable and I am meant to witness something special, something incredible actually. I will be wrapped in the persistent, courageous New Yorker spirit and I plan to capture through my words and my lens the resilience to rebuild, rejuvenate and rejoice life.

So thank you dear, dear dreams. I am grateful for each and every vision you paint, for every story you craft and for unleashing the depths of my soul. I create you, just as you in turn create me.