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I try not to have them too often, but I know everyone has bluesy days. These are the hours where focusing inward only brings out more fear…when we put ourselves out there only to hear crickets in return…when online competitive research turns into doubt of our own worthiness. Yup, today was a rough day. I saw it. I felt it. I tried like a good warrior to fight it off, but I just kept coming at myself. And I know, sometimes I just get in my own way.

So I’m taking the next few weeks to embark on a new mission. I’m placing focused attention on what has been commonly called goal setting, what Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, Linda Blum Huntington and Eva Adreienne Anderson call Lifeboarding and what Danielle LaPorte calls Desire Mapping. I will be charting a new course, laying the groundwork and setting destinations for the next leg of this life’s journey.

I’ve long wrestled with patience. I’ve defeated any smidgen of doubt and fear.
I’ve locked worry behind dungeon bars. I’ve smashed any residue of expectation and analyzation. And I’ve learned that self deception often paves the road to self discovery. Today I welcome presence and embrace my feelings, my soul, my every fiber to the experiences which I attract and lie ahead in this transformation.

I embrace inner attunement and relinquish outer attainment.

Today, I begin creating MISSion Cheryl. Stick around, this expanding awareness will undoubtedly release some amazing manifestations.