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Locked away beneath our doubts, fears, vulnerability and even shame lies our will, passion, protection and integrity. Those gates are tested by forces of nature, relationships and even our self critic for how penetrable they may be. Quite often we  find that our doubts and fears have installed heavy armor against our will and passion and in order to break through we need an ally, a support system or perhaps a good old battering ram!

We all need those support systems, and we can’t allow our fears get in the way of asking for one. A fellow artist was really challenged with a logistical and timely obstacle today and when they used their “call a friend” card, I was very willing to help. I began by putting things into perspective by saying “Every day we choose to either let things GET the best of us or BRING out the best in us.” A few minutes later, the conversation became lighter, far more productive and decisions were made.

Today I created a support system, and no one could possibly be more rewarded than none other than yours truly.