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Lots to check off the list today before the adventures of New York await…bills, payroll, files to clients, last minute errands – practicality in action and synchronicity in motion.

My final task of the day, before the last of my packing and few hours of sleep, was a design critique of epic proportions. How to evaluate and discuss 46 movie poster designs in three hours or less. I thought about this task long and hard as I took to the freeway on the way to campus. In usual fashion it takes much coaxing to get students to open up and participate in the discussion. I often need to call on specific people to comment on another’s artwork just to keep the momentum moving. The waiting, the shuffling of feet, the hemming and hawing of what to say quickly eeks up the minutes. There was no way I was gonna have that tonight. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make the sole comments on the work – and I wickedly progressed through 2 posters at a time. What I created through this crit was something I never was able to do before. I brought attention to common traits, styles and tendencies between a single designers two posters. I helped them new identify ways to make wiser choices and brought clarity through comparison and BIG lessons in process and decision making. I don’t know how the students felt afterward, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot myself.

So today’s creation…clearance, clarity and closure. What a beautiful threesome!