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Business has taken me to New York City for the next few days and nothing excites me more than touring the city, chatting with friends and taking boatloads of pictures in between business meetings.

During the early morning flight I had a chance to catch up on some long overdue reading of Brene Brown’s brilliant book “Daring Greatly.” In it she helps readers understand how the courage to be vulnerable transforms our lives, our relationships and our leadership. For today’s creation of consuming half the book, I would like to share three thoughts from her chapter on practicing gratitude and accepting joy.

1) Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments – the laugh of a child, the playfulness of a puppy, the view from the 33rd floor in Manhattan. When we are too busy chasing joy in the extraordinary we risk missing out.

2) Practice gratitude everyday. When you honor what you have, you honor what others have lost.

3) Be present in moments of joy. Don’t let yourself question whether you deserve it, how long it will last, or God forbid sabotage it with negative thoughts. Lean into it.  Every time we allow ourselves to “give into those moments we build resilience and cultivate hope.”

Thank you Brene for helping me see the path to create and accept joy today and everyday.