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My adventures in NYC took me from brainstorming with a fellow designer, to selecting photography from one of entertainment’s most renowned photographers to soaring the heights of the Empire State Building.

It was about 4:30PM when I first stepped inside the ground floor of 350 5th Avenue. It was a gorgeous day, bright sun, clear sky and warm for a November in NY. Up the escalator, around the queues, and racing vertically 86 flights of stairs later I stepped outside the observation level to find 25+ mile an hour winds, clouds (actually more like swift moving soup) and a horizon line twinkling with lights against the night sky.

It’s incredible how a few hundred feet in height can totally change the environment, climate and perspective. I learned a lot about this experience today – that what lays on the bottom floor is only a foundation, a base for each new ascension of creativity to grow upon. And what we find at the proverbial top may become completely opposite from what is expected. So our goal as humans is to continue pursuing, rising, lifting and letting go to rise to that top, that peak.

Today’s creation is A View from the Top. May each of us have the privilege to discover it, observe it and respect it.