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Tough, tough day for me.

intellectually spent.

Physically exhausted.

Spiritually drained.

And emotionally wiped out.

Yup, all four levels had quite a workout among the bustling streets of NYC and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I experienced nearly everything I set my sights on, although a return trip will somehow find me visiting the places I didn’t see like the World Trade Center, Moma, MAD, Washington Bridge and dozens more sights and sounds of the city.

As my plane taxied down the runway I watched the dew drops on the window sliding in the wind. Were there more drops on the outside or inside? My eyes could simply not stop the storm of tears. As the plane continued down the runway, I watched the drops on the outside morph. They began to cling to each other, thin out and eventually slide off away completely leaving behind a clear surface. That’s what storms do. They clear away. They cleanse. And my personal New York hurricane soon became one to rival Sandy.