Loneliness is to belonging what doubt is to worthiness. We must travel through one to embrace the other.


I always thought I was afraid of death. I remember being a child and I went through a phase, I was convinced that we would be burgled and I would be killed in the process. My parents spent many an evening before bed reassuring me that, we were safe, we were locked in the house and we wouldn’t be burgled… All the same, in my 8 year old mind, the absolute terror that I put myself through, the thought of dying, was too much to bare.  I of course am older now, but still have to lock all the doors and ensure keys are out of sight, just incase a thief has brought along a hanger to fish the keys off the table by the door… With my maturity though, has come another fear, and in someways it’s worse than my childhood fear of death – the fear of being…

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