Ever been on a dream vacation to Hawaii, Europe, Disneyland or any other fantasy world we may design in our heads? We anticipate it for months, years sometimes. And when we finally arrive it’s everything we imagine…beautiful, magical, unforgettable.

But when the adventure comes to a close, reality hits hard. No matter how much we try to recreate the experience, in conversation, in our imagination or dreams, life moving forward quickly dissolves it into wistful memories. We are forever changed. Sometimes we celebrate the experience in grand conversations with friends and family – other times, we mourn the loss in dark, private moments. Time eventually dissolves the details, sounds grow mute, memories fade and the longing to return to that place and time which can never be again taunts us.

Today’s creation is the letting go of moments such as I’ve described about – for the act of creation itself is the magic, not the memories in the mind or photos in the scrapbook. We can and will do it again…we just have to believe.