Over the past few months I’ve received confirmation after confirmation that it’s time to put my writing in the lead for my future. Two years ago my journals were more for note taking and lecture memorization, but today my writing has become more emotional, revealing and transformational. It’s become an important component of each day and my friends and colleagues have coached me to keep going…to keep revealing, releasing and uplifting.

Today I began a habit most writers do ritualistically…writing freely, unscripted, unedited every morning…to allow our inner emotions, dreams, desires play out on the pages of cotton and fiber…for what we put into physical words in the present becomes a presence we can visit in later years.

I owe it to myself to take these few moments each morning to work out any anger and frustration or to celebrate the strength and will I’ve already experienced. No critic will enter this space. No former teacher, coach, shahman or other will coach me on where to go, what to say. No. This is all me. For me. About me. Because I am worth every stitch in the binding and every drop of ink on the page.