“What I like about not writing original material – which I’m not even certain I could do – is that you have this tremendous advantage of reading something for the first time. You never have this experience again with the story. You have a reaction to it: it’s a kind of falling-in-love reaction.” Stanley Kubrick

I love taking myself on an artist date – just me, a camera, a sketchbook and a pen. Sometimes I invite my crew along…as was the case with today’s adventure to LACMA where we experienced the Stanley Kubrick exhibit.

Inspirational. Enticing. Creative. Provocative. Everything meaningful art is meant to be. As I strolled through the exhibit I was intoxicated by Kubrick’s meticulous eye for the unusual in the ordinary, the sublime in the dreamscape and the grounding of the untethered. His early work with LOOK Magazine showed his acute eye for cinematic depth and the often disturbing world of Noir. The show included costume sketches, a glass matte painting by master concept artist Peter Ellenshaw, key art poster studies by Saul Bass and hundreds of other production props, storyboards and models. Heck, even Pierce Brosnan cased the halls to admire the mastery of one of cinema’s most original visionaries.

So today’s creation was to give myself permission to lay off the work for a few hours…and just go and play…take a little time away from the routine, automatic, regulated work day and treat myself to a little culture and conversations with great friends. Every artist deserves no less.

(Picture above is of the original axes used by Jack Nicholson in The Shining)