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It was a quiet day in the office…all the mice away at home, clients leaving early and a perfect opportunity to check off several boxes lingering on my “to do” list. All practical stuff, but nonetheless rewarding to say adios to – paying bills, payroll, clearing the production table, mounting a few concepts for the latest packaging project, finishing up the last portion of a writing contribution, emptying the email box, the art store and FedEx errands…just like the old days when I handled every part of the business.

The remainder of the day was left for creation – sketching a hand lettered type treatment, selecting and brainstorming music and choreography for my next dance showcase and creating the foundation for my core desire board…thanks Danielle LaPorte, Peleg Top, my mastermind superfriends and Angi Sullins for inspiring that last one. And a reminder to anyone following this blog…on December 1st I will be moving on to a whole new site dedicated to Creating Space – The Ease of Release and Letting Go. More information to come once we go live.