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“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet all the same.” Anne Frank

During these last few days of giving thanks and planning for the holidays, my friends and I have had several conversations on the topic of happiness.

Loved ones, family, friends, colleagues all seek happiness in one form or another. Sometimes that happiness is projected upon those closest, other times it can be blinding to those not ready to see its light, but when we allow our personal happiness to shine from within, it shields us from doubt, burns away negativity and radiates gratitude. When we trust our own feelings the agendas, opinions and projections of others will bare no influence on our decisions.

Recently a colleague of mine was feeling bogged down by the “HOW” to move forward. How to make the changes they wanted in their life. How to continue on the unusual, unorthodox, unexpected but fulfilling path. The answer to me was simple. As creative beings, we already have the tools to be resourceful enough to figure out the HOWs. It’s identifying the WHAT’s that often derail us. The hardest question I have EVER been asked is WHAT do you want? It’s taken me several years to come to terms with that. To let go of what I didn’t want and to focus on one thing, and one thing only…happiness.

Defining our creativity, happiness and fulfillment begins with the word “What.”
What makes me excited? What inspires me? What makes me feel bigger, stronger, higher? What gives me passion and purpose? What difference do I want to make?  What gives me ease and release? What do I most desire? What brings me effortless joy? Once you’ve identified those now, try replacing the word “what” with Who, When or Where. This is what guides our choices moving forward.

Happiness attracts happiness.

Gratitude attracts gratitude.

Open, healthy hearts attract the like-minded.

Once again, I celebrate today as one step closer in this creation of personal transformation. It’s quite a ride!