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One of my favorite things to do with friends and my kids is to stroll among the antique shops in Old Towne Orange. Muff’s Hardware features doorknobs and iron work from the early 1900s. Antique Depot offers vintage housewares, toys and clothing just not replicated these days. And the Heavenly Hostess teases me with all their tasty, tongue firmly planted in teeth gifts.

I have always been inspired by the lettering, color pallets and visual aesthetics of  British Victorian and the turn of the century – most often referred to these days as Steampunk. My business branding, office decor and even my wardrobe make it pretty clear of my aesthetic obsession.

So this morning, while debating whether or not it was too early to get out of bed on a weekend, I daydreamed about the next stage for my written work and the website it hosting its content. Quotes. Artwork. Daily rituals that if all goes as planned will become a viral phenomenon. It’s all under wraps for a few more days, but trust me when I say if you’ve enjoyed the visual and message creations here, then you are in for a real treat on December 1st.

“Create meaning, not more stuff.” ~ Miss Cheryl