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…let it go!

That will soon be a recurring theme starting December 1st on CreatingSpace365.com

…letting go

…releasing with ease

…lightening the load

…losing the weight

…loosening the reins

…setting yourself free

…passing the baton

…creating space

Closure is mournful. It’s absolute. Closure means admitting yesterday is not relevant and that what matters now…is the present. Closure is wrapping its arms around me this week, and it’s giving me warmth, comfort, release.

Today, there have been challenges, no doubt. I simply let them go.

There have been times where I wanted to scream from the rooftop. I simply cleared my throat.

There have been contrasting matters of opinion. I simply cast them aside.

There have been white hot moments of conflict. I simply stated my truth.

There have been remnants of insecurity drifting in the air. I did not waver from my stand.

Today I created a deeper connection with self and a coalition between honesty and integrity within that will guide choices in the next few weeks as I close out 2012. Bring it on…I’m ready!