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Tonight, in my Entertainment Graphics class, I shared my final lecture and thoughts on what I believe are the 8 core emotions. And, what better way to wrap up the semester than a discussion on Passion!

I began the lecture by asking the class to define the word. I wrote their answers on the white board as students called out their thoughts… focus, desire, uncontrollable, enthusiasm, driven, crazy, motivational, intense and powerful. Then we explored the darker side of passion…obsession, addiction and suffering…after all the word has its roots in passio (Latin) and pathos (Greek). But after about five minutes of discussion NO ONE ever mentioned LOVE. Wow! I thought. Has this group of young college students not yet experienced the heart fluttering, soul singeing and mind numbing power of love?

I followed up with a few more thoughts of how the emotion effects us. “It’s like having an unquenchable thirst” I said. Passion gives us the will to take great risks and sacrifices. It creates the fuel for our heart’s most core desire. Our passion is the first thing we think of when we wake, and the thing we see when our eyes close. Passion has an uncanny ability to effect time and space. When we are in a state of anticipation time screeches to a halt and when passion is in our presence time races past like Flash Gordon. Passion can also dangerously pull away and abandon our ego attaching itself to a person, place or thing leaving us aching and suffering when it’s not near.

Passion can never be explained by practical means which makes it that much more difficult to attain and define. But passion without practicality can also be dangerous, obsessive and addictive – which inspired me to deduce this little formula…

Passion – Practicality = Gluttony

Practicality – Passion = Indifference

Passion + Practicality = Peace

So dear readers, I wish for each of you to find and embrace your inner peace. And remember…

Practicality may take you from A to B, put Passion is what moves you.