If I were a tree I’d be…in a park, surrounded by laughing children and happy hearts
If I were a fruit I’d be…a pomegranate filled with hundreds of juicy nuggets in a well protected womb
If I were a archetype I’d be…the mentor
If I were a bird I’d be…in constant search of beauty and higher ground
If I were a wild animal I’d be…the lioness
If I were a fantasy creature I’d be…phoenix
If I were a painting I’d be…Rubanesque in form, baroque in detail and Camille Rose Garcia in hue
If I were a scent I’d be…white tea rose
If I were a hobby I’d be…stumpwork, thick richly decorated needlework which defies convention
If I were a film I’d be…Harry Potter 7 Part 2 – faith, friends, choice, quiet heroism

If I were a sound I’d be…a violin sighing, crying and denying
If I were a liquid I’d be…the sweetest red wine on planet earth
If I were a sin I’d be…gluttony!
If I were a spice I’d be…clove
If I were a flower I’d be…jasmine
If I were a fabric I’d be…a thick, textured, velvety brocade
If I were a book I’d be…resting between writings of Angi Sullins and Eckart Tolle
If I were a poem I’d be…one of my own
If I were a song I’d be…changing my melody nearly every day. Today it would be “You Might Recall” by Genesis
If I were any kind of weather I’d be…cool misty rain

If I were an element I’d be…fire, all cracklin’ and hot!
If I were an emotion I’d be…curiosity

Okay, now if I’ve indeed raised your curiosity and you’re interested in learning more about me, why I blog and what these musings are all about, visit this post to discover more.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Beautiful.

  2. Your “About Me” has truly raised the bar for all other bloggers. Thanks for the posts, they are so inspiring and well thought out. The flow and clarity is something missing in many other bloggers. I must say that you do not blog for the sake of blogging but because you have something to say. Awesome!

  3. I take great pleasure in notifying you that you have been nominated/awarded the Sunshine Award. Your award and the rules await you at your earliest convenience at this link


    I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being a constant ray of light in my sometimes dark world. :)

  4. I’m proud to inform you that you’ve been nominated for the “Beautiful Blogger Award”. The rules for the award and the award pic are at http://kipsthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/beautiful-blogger-award/. Congratulations!

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