The Mentors

Robert McKee

Revered by writers, directors, actors and artists across the globe, Robert McKee is the storytellers, storyteller. Most well known for his best selling and definitive book on screenwriting, Story, McKee encapsulates his decades of teachings into seminars and an online Storylogue sought after by thousands of fans across the globe. If you’re looking to uncover the writer, the story crafter, the emotionally charged being inside, diving head and heart first into one of his workshops may just be the sinlge most valuable experience of your career.

Peleg Top

Peleg doesn’t hold a patented or mystical formula for business acumen. He won’t wave a magic wand casting away your personal demons. Nor will he lead you directly to the proverbial fountain of financial riches. What Peleg WILL do is stand side by side as your partner, offering unwavering guidance and unlimited support as YOU discover the leader inside. Peleg will ask challenging questions you may be unprepared or even afraid to answer. You’ll dig deep, really deep, then he’ll help you embrace accountability for each response and action. Peleg’s greatest gift is his love and genuine belief in the creative entrepreneurial spirit. He thrives on releasing the untapped gifts of those willing to confront their vulnerabilities, focus on their strengths and create abundance where hearts beat loudest.

Marshall VanDruff

Simply the most insightful and inspiring teacher I have ever studied with. From his enthusiasm for compositional studies, to thorough understanding of human and animal anatomy, to his latest lectures on visual story development, Marshall’s workshops are a must for every illustrator, painter, photographer and writer on a quest to craft a meaningful and artistic story. Be prepared to bring a couple journals and extra pens if taking a course with Marshall. I guarantee you will fill hundreds of pages of metaphors, anecdotes and symbolism and combined those notes will become your single most valuable collection in your creative library.


What can I say, this little green Master of all Jedi has been my mentor long before I even knew the meaning of the word. As a young teen, he captivated my sense of just, of right, of all that is wise and true. Today I call upon his teachings so often that I have been known to quote him in times of need. His most profound and meaningful message…“Do or do not. There is no try.”


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